Malindo Air Schedule KL-KK-KL and KL-Kuching-KL


Please refer to below current schedule of Malindo Air flight:

Kuala Lumpur – Kota Kinabalu 3 times daily
IW1002 KUL0650 – 0925BKI 739 D
IW1014 KUL1310 – 1545BKI 739 D
IW1028 KUL1920 – 2155BKI 739 D

IW1001 BKI1005 – 1230KUL 739 D
IW1013 BKI1620 – 1845KUL 739 D
IW1027 BKI2230 – 0055+1KUL 739 D

Kuala Lumpur – Kuching 4 times daily
IW1602 KUL0640 – 0825KCH 739 D
IW1608 KUL1125 – 1310KCH 739 D
IW1622 KUL1610 – 1755KCH 739 D
IW1630 KUL2055 – 2240KCH 739 D

IW1601 KCH0900 – 1040KUL 739 D
IW1607 KCH1350 – 1530KUL 739 D
IW1621 KCH1835 – 2015KUL 739 D
IW1629 KCH2315 – 0055+1KUL 739 D

2 Responses to Malindo Air Schedule KL-KK-KL and KL-Kuching-KL

  1. Rais M Nor says:

    Is there any early morning flight i.e 7am onward from KK – KL?
    Do you have flight from K.Lumpur to Jakarta. I intent to have connecting flight KK – KL – Jakarta

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